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From the minute I started painting, a light went on inside of me. I, knew that painting was what I wanted to do! 

About Me

My Background

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My favorite time of day while I was in school was when we were allowed to draw and paint.  My grandmother who was an art teacher and artist would give me pencils and small pieces of paper when I was a child telling me that, "If I give you a large piece of paper you will only draw on a small portion of the paper, but if I give you a small piece of paper you will learn to draw detail by trying to fit in as much as you can." 

As a young adult my grandmother gave me one of her paintings, her books and oil paints which unlocked the world of painting and color to me. In 1990, I began to pursue my love of drawing and painting more seriously. This love has never faded and eventually I went on to college to study illustration and art. 

I have been a contributing artist in several art shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. My work hangs in private collections in Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Iowa and South Dakota. I am a member NOAPS (National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society) Associate Member of National Society of Painters in Casein/Acrylic

My Medium

Working predominately in acrylic, I favor the subject material of landscapes and birds. I'm skilled in the use many different mediums, but  acrylics are by far my favorite! Refining my use of acrylics, some people think I paint in oils, but nope... it's just acrylic. 

My Inspiration

Throughout my art career I've always liked exploring new ideas. I've pushed myself to paint with light and reflection, more dynamic strokes, interesting patterns and exciting compositions. I strive to make my work as stimulating as if you were there on the pathways that have influenced by my nature walks. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work and having a destination in the middle ground or background. 

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Lynn Marie Artistree

Germantown, Wisconsin, United States

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